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Three Ways To Play

Piano is taught one way and played three ways. Why?

 Piano is typically taught today the same way as it was more than a century ago, which is solely by reading notes. Antiquated piano teaching frustrates many students who would otherwise enjoy the exhilaration of being a musician. These students quit without ever learning about the many options that exist for learning how to play this amazingly wonderful instrument – options that, had they been made available in lessons, would have made the difference between stopping lessons and continuing to learn.

     The three main ways to play the piano are by note, by chord symbol and by ear. The first, note reading, can be taught at least five ways;  chord symbols can be taught at least a dozen ways; even playing by ear can be taught using several fool-proof methods.  It is a total misconception that playing by ear is a God-given talent that either you have or you don’t. PLAYING PIANO BY EAR CAN BE TAUGHT, just like all the other ways to play the piano.

     Talk with your teacher about making all of these learning options available to you. Depending on how your brain is wired, you will zero in on all of them, many of them, or just the few that work especially well for you. It’s all about you and your learning styles.

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